Owners agency


Ovet Shipping offers services as owners / protecting and husbandry agent in the Western Scheldt Area which includes the ports of Terneuzen and Flushing (Vlissingen), Sluiskil, Sas van Gent, Middelburg, Hansweert, Walsoorden and Breskens.

Interests of ship owners

When appointed as owners / protecting agent, Ovet Shipping will ensure that the interest of the ships owners are well taken care off. Furthermore, Ovet Shipping handles all types of husbandry matters: coordination of bunker delivery, coordination of stores- and spareparts delivery, crewchanges, arranging cash to master and surveys off all kinds.


Ovet Shipping provides husbandry services for offshore related vessels: rigs, offshore supply vessels as well as commisioning and decommissiong.

Port cost calculation

Click here to receive a pro forma d/a for calling one of the above mentioned ports.

Hudig & Veder Agency Network

Via the Hudig & Veder Agency Network Ovet Shipping can offer shipping agency services in all ports from Ghent to Gdansk. For more information please contact our office or send an email.