Tramp Agency

Ovet Shipping operates as tramp agent for parties with cargo interests, handling dry- and liquid bulk cargoes like coal, ore, scrap, chemicals, liquefied gas and containers and project cargoes in the Western Scheldt Area which includes the ports of Terneuzen and Flushing (Vlissingen), as well as Sluiskil, Sas van Gent, Middelburg, Hansweert, Walsoorden and Breskens.

Providing information

Providing information is one of the most vital tasks of a shipping agency: receiving and distributing information between and to owners, charterers, shippers, receivers and traders as well as port authorities, pilots, boatmen and many other relevant parties active in the port. All the necessary terms to guarantee an optimal flow of information to the clients and other parties, tailor made to their needs and requirements, is incorporated in the quality management system.

Port cost calculation

Click here to receive a pro forma d/a for calling one of the above mentioned ports.

World wide service

However, if required, via her extensive network Ovet Shipping can offer her services as shipping agent in ports all over the world. For more information please contact our office or send an email.